New Products ready to be tested!

This page will be updated as and when I get new products in which I am looking for customers to test and feedback. I will also add on some sneak peeks of upcoming new products.

When looking for testers I am looking for customers who will give me their honest feedback on the item they order and receive. Due to this there are some simple Terms & Conditions when ordering one of the tester products. Please read these before ordering. They are at the bottom of this page and can also be found here.

Tester Products are listed with a limited quantity available. Sometimes just the one will be available but others may have two or three. This all depends on the product cost for me to order in as I am a small business and cannot afford to invest hundreds of pounds in new products before I know the quality. With this in mind please only order ONE product to make it fair and enable other people the opportunity to be a tester.

When you order a tester product you are getting it at a reduced cost. This is to cover the cost of the product, materials and an element of my time. Usually this is up to 50% off of the normal selling price. Postage and packing will be added at checkout.


Upcoming products looking for testers. 

Be sure to check back soon to see when these become available. 


1. Please select one item only. This keeps it fair and enables me to have a range of testers for different products. Any orders with more than one tester product will be cancelled and refunded.

2. By being a tester you are agreeing to give me honest feedback on the product once it arrives. There will be a short survey for you to complete to share your feedback with me. This feedback will be used across my Social Media Platforms and on the website. I am happy to keep feedback anonymous when sharing. If you don’t wish for me to include your name when I share feedback please let me know. Feedback questions will be sent to you via email to the email address on your order. Please ensure you have access to this email address.

3. By being a tester you are giving me permission to use the photo’s of the product you pick in my advertising and marketing. Please ensure that if you are emailing an image to me, that you are okay with the finished product, with this image on, being shared across my Social Media platforms, website and any printed media.

4. You are getting your tester item at a reduced price. Due to this I am unable to offer to create a bespoke/custom design for you for these items. If you wish to have something custom/bespoke created for printing on a tester product please message me and I can quote for this service.

6. The image(s) you wish to have printed on your test product need to be a high resolution image. Screenshots are not suitable. These can be uploaded when ordering or sent via email to tealfoxdesigns@outlook.com

7. I will not print anything that is Copyright such as Disney/Marvel/Football Teams Badges etc.

8. Please make it clear on your order what you wish to have printed on your product. If you are unsure whether you have been clear please message me via email/Facebook/Instagram for confirmation.

9. You will need to pay for the P&P.

10. Test products are available on a first come, first served basis. There are limited quantities of each product.

11. By agreeing to purchase a tester product you are acknowleding that your product might not be “perfect” as it will likely be the first time I have printed the product. I will be following manufacturing guidelines, for their recommended printing times and temperatures, and my knowledge of how my presses work but these might not be perfect first time. 

12. Test products are not eligable for refunds unless the product itself is faulty.