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Bigger and Better

I'll start with a quick apology... I thought I'd been on since the New Year with an update...but it seems I imagined it! Oooops! But I hope the lack of News hasn't put you off. It does mean you might have missed a ton of awesome new stuff though!! Be sure to go check...

Survey Results – Feedback

Wow, what a year it's been. With just over 2 weeks left of 2019 I am full on into 2020 planning. Last week, or the week before, I can't remember, my days blur into one, I created a Survey to get some feedback and see if my secret 2020 plans were going to be on the...

To Black Friday or not….

So last week (or maybe the week before...these days just keep going past in a daze) I posted the question on my Facebook page as to whether or not you thought I should do something drastic for the rapidly approaching "Black Friday". I was pleasantly surprised that for...

Happy 2nd Business Birthday!

You know when you just can't keep away from something? When no matter what, you just keep getting drawn back to one thing?  That's exactly how TFD was born. Where it all began... When Mr P and I met he was selling printed t-shirts and hoodies on eBay. He taught me the...

Updates and Timescales

It's about time I done another post and this one is all about some updates and timescales. I keep meaning to pop an update on here but then keep changing my mind as to what I'm doing so it doesn't happen. If you knew all the thoughts and plans that run through my head...

I need your help… Please

Just over a month is an improvement on the 6 months or so gap from the last one...the days just seem to be stolen from beneath my feet at the moment. How are we in the middle of August already?! And where did the summer go?? But we're here and I need your...


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